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Preparation and training for any new endeavor--the steps required to carry out the plans you will do as a team--make a huge difference. Why is that?

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Because fully trained people do better work. It's like linking the horse to the cart. Don't ever send the horse off to do the work until you plan and prepare. I've always felt that process comes a bit later in terms of completing projects and running any team.

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Plus, if you focus too much on process, you can start chasing your tail. Process reveals itself only after you have a good idea what you will do planning and how you will do it preparation.

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The act of doing is the process. And, sometimes in the act of doing you need to tweak and adjust as you go along.

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Some managers I know get this wrong. They think process drives strategy and plans. That's too rigid, and doesn't really work. Keep strategy as the higher standard and make process the action. Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone.

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