An Investigation of the Laws of Thought

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The following work is not a republication of a former treatise by the Author, entitled The Mathematical Analysis of Logic.

Its earlier portion is indeed devoted to the same object, and it begins by establishing the same system of fundamental laws, but its methods are more general, and its range of applications far wider. It exhibits the results, matured by some years of study and reflection, of a principle of investigation relating to the intellectual operations, the previous exposition of which was written within a few weeks after its idea had been conceived. That portion of this work which relates to Logic presupposes in its reader a knowledge of the most important terms of the science, as usually treated, and of its general object.

Thomson's Outlines of the Laws of Thought. To the former of these treatises, the present revival of attention to this class of studies seems in a great measure due. Some acquaintance with the principles of Algebra is also requisite, but it is not necessary that this application should have been carried beyond the solution of simple equations. For the study of those chapters which relate to the theory of probabilities, a somewhat larger knowledge of Algebra is required, and espe-[iv]cially of the doctrine of Elimination, and of the solution of Equations containing more than one unknown quantity.

Dekivation of the Laws. Ok Interpretation.

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Of Reduction m. Clarke and Spinoza.

Elementary Illustrations. Of Statistical Conditions. They are in all cases, and in the strictest sense of the term, probable conclusions, approaching, indeed, ever and ever nearer to certainty, as they receive more and more of the confirmation of experience.

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