Bipolar Friend on Relationships, Dating & Divorce

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Taking responsibility for bipolar disorder, and therefore my life is what has allowed me to move forward in a positive fashion. Unfortunately, if this marriage ends, no matter the reasons, the narrative will quickly focus on the fact that I have bipolar and nothing else. Using my first two marriages as an example, I can tell you for an absolute certainty, bipolar disorder was a factor, but it was far from the only one. I had major depression at 16 years old, then the antidepressants made me turn to bp… Now I am 26 years old. These two years, I am luckily that found suitable med by chance, I started trying to date and have relationship, but scared to thinking about marriages and children.

My marriage of 37 years came close to ending. I am blessed to being married to a wonderful person. I sought help immediately and trying, adding and changing my meds I finally feel like my old self after eight years.

Does Bipolar in a Marriage Always Lead to Divorce?

Marriage that involves a partner with bipolar can be difficult; Luckily learning keys to managing mood swings can help you have a successful life together. My husband, Frank, lives for adventure. Managing bipolar takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but the positive effects in your life can certainly make it worth it. When bipolar depression symptoms are overwhelming, finding the strength to do even a small task can help you make it through the awful days.

This is when the illness is as physical as it is mental.

Married with Bipolar – Bipolar Disorder: In Our Own Words

Did you know that your husband had a mood disorder or struggled with moods when you met him? When I met my husband in high school for the first time, I By Gabe Howard. Post Views: 15, Bipolar , marriage , relationships.