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One of several deities associated with the sun, the god Re was usually represented with a human body and the head of a hawk.

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It was believed that he sailed across the sky in a boat each day and then made a passage through the underworld each night, during which he would have to defeat the snake god Apopis in order to rise again. Over time, Re came to be syncretized with other sun deities, especially Amon. Hathor embodied motherhood and fertility, and it was believed that she protected women in childbirth.

In some traditions, she would welcome the setting sun every night; living people hoped to be welcomed into the afterlife in the same way. Anubis was concerned with funerary practices and the care of the dead. He was usually represented as a jackal or as a man with the head of a jackal. The association of jackals with death and funerals likely arose because Egyptians would have observed jackals scavenging around cemeteries.

In the Old Kingdom c. According to the Osiris myth, Anubis embalmed and wrapped the body of the murdered king, becoming the patron god for embalmers. Thoth , the god of writing and wisdom, could be depicted in the form of a baboon or a sacred ibis or as a man with the head of an ibis. He was believed to have invented language and the hieroglyphic script and to serve as a scribe and adviser for the gods.

As the god of wisdom, Thoth was said to possess knowledge of magic and secrets unavailable to the other gods. In underworld scenes showing the judgment undergone by the deceased after their deaths, Thoth is depicted as weighing the hearts of the deceased and reporting the verdict to Osiris, the god of the dead. In her earliest forms, the cat goddess Bastet was represented as a woman with the head of a lion or a wild cat.

She took the less ferocious form of a domestic cat in the first millennium BCE. In later periods she was often represented as a regal-looking seated cat, sometimes wearing rings in her ears or nose.

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In the Ptolemaic period she came to be associated with the Greek goddess Artemis , the divine hunter and goddess of the moon. She was a traveling evangelist, one of the first women to take this role in America and was initially part of the holiness-healing movement. In the 's she was known to go into trances and stand stock-still for hours and sometimes days. During these trance times people would come into her meetings and be miraculously healed or converted. In she reports people receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit as evidenced with the speaking in other tongues and people seeing heavenly visions.

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Sister Woodworth-Etter is possibly the source for many of the aberrant doctrines taken up by the New Order of the Latter Rain in the late 's. She practiced the laying on of hands for healing which is Biblical , delivering people from demons, and conveying spiritual gifts. Tremendous healing's allegedly took place in her meetings, including the raising of the dead on certain occasions. Sister Etter started twelve churches, ordained twelve ministers to pastor these churches. In she built the Woodworth-Etter Tabernacle humble huh? Encyclopedia of Pentecostal Ministries and Preachers.

Brownsville Blessing. Browne, Rodeny Howard-. Campus Crusade for Christ.

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Dollar, Creflo : World Changers Ministry. Foursquare Gospel Church. Hagee, John: Cornerstone Church. Holy Trinity Brompton UK. Howard-Browne, Rodeny. Kansas Metro City Fellowship. Mainse, David Huntley.

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McPherson, Aimee Semple,. Price, Fred Crenshaw Christian Center.


Schambach, Robert William. Robert: Hour Of Power. Strader, Karl: Carpenter's Home Church. Strang, Stephen, Charisma Magazine. Wimber, John. Woodworth-Etter, Maria. Self- Proclaimed Prophet. Quotes, history and information. Dollar, Creflo: World Changers Ministry. Promise Keepers.

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Hagee, John Cornerstone church. Lea's, Larry. Larry Lea's most embarrassing moment may have been when ABC ran videotape of the televangelist persuading viewers that when his house burned to the ground he was left virtually homeless, losing everything he and his family had but the clothes on their backs.

Swaggart, Jimmy. Jimmy Swaggart, who once assailed the Bakkers and their gospel resort with gusto, continues to pay dearly for his sexual scandals of and Christian Research Institute. Mainse, David, Huntley St. Strader, Karl. Meyer, Joyce. Grace Ministries. Grace Ministries Grace ministries is a separate organization set up under the auspices of the Kansas City fellowship. Shiloh Ministries - this is a term used to designate the prophetic ministry that GM is offering to the church at large.

This will release a greater prophetic understanding of God's purposes as they submit one to another. The list of those associated with Grace Ministries and Kansas City Fellowship is continually growing. Bickel is the team leader.

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  5. Scotland, John. Seymour, William. In the early 's William Seymour had been taught about receiving the baptism with the Holy Ghost, i. Jim Bakker said nothing of his moral failings until Jessica Haan spilled the beans.

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