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Police officers have used AI-powered smart glasses and drones to effectively monitor citizens. Footage from these devices showing antisocial behavior can be broadcast to the public to shame the offenders, and deter others from behaving similarly.

The ringtone begins with the sound of a police siren, followed by a message such as:. Please urge this person to fulfill his or her legal obligations. Following data concerns, these tech companies—and six others—were not awarded any licenses by the government. However, social media giants are still involved in orchestrating the public shaming of citizens who misbehave.

The social credit system may not be an entirely new initiative in China. These dossiers, which were first used in the Maoist years, helped the government in maintaining control of its citizens. In , people with a low score were prohibited from buying plane tickets almost 18 million times , while high-speed train ticket transactions were blocked 5. A further people were prohibited from leaving China, due to unpaid taxes. The system could have major implications for foreign business practices—as preference could be given to companies already ranked in the system.

Companies with higher scores will be rewarded with incentives which include lower tax rates and better credit conditions , with their behavior being judged in areas such as:.

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Despite the complexities of gathering vast amounts of data, the system is certainly making an impact. While there are benefits to having a standardized scoring system, and encouraging positive behavior—will it be worth the social cost of gamifying human life? Email address.

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China’s Digital Wallets Offer a Glimpse at the Future of Payments

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Digging Through WeChat’s Wallet

Published 4 weeks ago on October 12, By Iman Ghosh. A Wave of Socio-Economic Reforms: From onward, China worked on opening up its markets to the outside world, and closing the inequality gap. A Legend of the Future is a remarkable glimpse not only into a vision of the future but more importantly into a culture very different from western capitalism.

We take a closer look at everything you might have missed in the Back To The Future trilogy!

It's also a stark reminder about some of the more serious problems that a country in the stranglehold of a communistic country face. A worthy addition to anyone's science fiction collection. Let me assure you, it is a pity that it took so long!

What really sells this story is not the situation which is terribly reminiscent of and Tau Zero , but the psychological focus on the characters If A Legend of the Future is idealistic science fiction, colored by the politics of its age, then it is idealistic science fiction at its best—concerned with the fate of mankind among the stars and not with spaceships and gadgets and alien races.

I remain curious as to what else Cuban science fiction has in store for its new, English-speaking audience. For those of you who are also curious, start with A Legend of the Future. The characters are put in situations, through changes, only possible in SF, but the psychological exploration of death, desires, thoughts, and values among deeply emotional-connected people struggling to find a way to survive catastrophe is relatable and human. After the fall of the Soviet Union, de Rojas stopped writing science fiction.

He spent his final years persuaded—and persuading others—that Fidel Castro did not exist. He lives in Norwich, England. The new Picard series debuts later in Receive notification by email when a new comment is added. You must be a registered user to subscribe to threads. All comments must meet the community standards outlined in Tor.

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