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Australia - WA. Our 'bomb proof' tandem sea kayak built specifically for commercial operators. Link to this page. MLA Style "Two-spirit.

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In YourDictionary. Adjective not comparable theology Involving two spirits ; especially, pertaining to the doctrine of dualism espoused in the so-called Treatise on the Two Spirits in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Noun plural two-spirits A Native North American who is not wholly cis- male or cis- female , but who is transgender or belongs to belongs to any of the third genders present among various unrelated tribes.

Adjective not comparable of a Native American Identifying as any of various tribal third genders, rather than as wholly male or female ; transgender.

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  8. Noun plural two-spirits A Native North American who is not cismale or cisfemale , but is transgender or belongs to belongs to any of various tribal third genders. English Wiktionary.