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Nothing bodes ill. Fifteen years he has been hatching plans of vengeance for the death of his brother, Meneltor. At the feast, Aglaron shoots Krona with a poisoned arrow. Time is limited. Help Jake gather them and save his beloved. Complete all the locations and defeat all the bosses and Aglaron himself. You can improve your character, buy new skins, items to simplify levels. Leps run! The world is full of dangers!

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Download the game and help Jake to return his beloved! It's your hero time! Reviews Review Policy. In the latest update: 1.

Dark Elves 3: Salvation

Fixed minor bugs. She held a bowl at chest level before her, and in the bowl was a flame.

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The woman represented Rhae, and the flame in the bowl was magical. It reflected the time of night to those who rarely left the underground.

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When the flame was bluish violet, it was deepest night in the world above. When the flame was yellow, it was midday. The flame blended through the color-spectrum throughout the rest of the day so those who knew how to read it could approximate the time. Although each tunnel was marked, Radin and Savous were long past the need to heed the signs.

They walked along increasingly less-lit tunnels until they came to passages of rough stone. Here, their brisk pace slowed a bit as they had to navigate the twists and turns that would confound any outsider who might make it through the forest and this far into raedjour territory. These tunnels had Dark Elves 3: Salvation 13 existed since the time when Rhae was a physical presence among them, before She imbued Her awareness and protection for Her elves into the Dark Forest and the Rhaen Mountains. After a time, they ended up at one of the openings to the outside world.

Savous led Radin out from stone into moonlit trees to one of their favorite places. The small overhang was suspended above an uneven ravine.

Lind Erebros Elven Oratory III The Lay of Leithian: 09 - Salvation

The effect raised them up above the main treeline and exposed the world to them. From beneath the branches of a spreading oak, they could see for miles over a sea of trees and rocky outcroppings. Radin settled down on the grass, his back against a huge boulder that was half embedded in the ground. Nasty side-effect.

I did some checking in the records. All who have come back have either been guards or marked for Valanth. Without the raedjour, She has no substance.

He knew that. The gods had been forced from this realm, but their existence still depended on it.

Jet Mykles - 03 - Salvation Elves

A god needed a people, needed the belief system of a large, collective group, to have any form or coherence. Without a people who believed in Him or Her, a god unraveled and became part of chaos. He even used a touch of magic to shelter his words and make sure only Radin heard him, even though they were quite obviously alone. To make puppets of the men who serve him closest and to slowly kill any woman he takes to his bed?

How can She let him live? Tell me. That ridiculous prophecy promising him salvation He sits there and serves his own purposes. He barely pays attention. He shook his head. In fact, it was an unspoken thought among the raedjour. He saw it in the way others addressed him, in the way they looked at him. The thought would only grow in strength now that Gilbran was gone.

Valanth was the fourth rhaeja in their nearly four thousand cycles since Rhae had left the earth. Rhae had selected the three rhaeja prior to him from among the eligible sorcerers of the time, long before the death of the ruling rhaeja. Each of the other rhaeja had a time with his predecessor to learn to rule and to give the raedjour time to become accustomed to the change. Each of those successions had proceeded smoothly, one even before the death of the old rhaeja.

The raedjour had endured a brief but trying time without a ruler before Valanth finally emerged from the vetriese, marked as Her chosen. It was, however, very likely him because there was no one else capable. Nalfien, Radin, and Salin were the other most likely candidates, but all three had already been passed over by Rhae. No other unmarked man of the likely age was fit to lead. Only Savous, the apprentice who should long ago have been made a sorcerer in his own right.

I think we both need the change of scenery.

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The boy in the doorway paused in surprise when he saw her. He bobbed his head, dislodging long, unruly white curls from behind his ears. She recognized his pointed chin and sweeping, somehow overlong eyebrows. She nodded and put on a weak smile. How are you? Fine, thanks. Gala turned interested eyes to Irin as she shut the door. Cycles ago. She exchanged glances with Diana, who sat on a plush divan, breastfeeding her own son, Brevin. Gala and Diana exchanged another glance.

For the past cycle and a half, each of the women had spent a great deal of time with Irin and had become very fond of her. So they noticed when the girl became abnormally quiet and moody. When I got to about thirteen, Nalfien started to get worried that something might happen. Nothing did. None of the older boys will come near me.