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Regular Novice v Zombie script. I just updated it and added some features. I dont know who exactly made this idea so i cant credit him properly.

Risen 3 : Titan Lords : Same Old, Same Old (Quest) (Meeting the Nameless One)

This is a response post from this topic:. Original Script is by Euphy and I just added some functions to this. Same old same old. I made revision on old poring catcher event by sandbox. It works similarly with the Dice Event V2 I recently posted. Nothing more is modified on the script. Feel free to edit and adjust as you wish. This will have conflict with dice event because i made this ran hourly too. I may or may not be making an Event Manager but who knows.

Compatibility is your Responsibility. This will show you an hourly countdown as to when will the event will be re-starting. And this dice event should be working on latest rathena.

Add New Features/Quest Types to Cafeland

Here is my take on a LMS Event. Just a simple one. Once players collect all nine map pieces they can make a complete map that teleports them to the NPC.

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It can be collected once per day. You choose how you want to distribute them, but I added them to my giftboxes, old blue boxes, and old purple boxes. This also includes custom items created to support the script. Zombie Tag By Peopleperson49 Zombie tag is a pvp script that spawns a number of custom zombies mobs every minute. The goal is for players to survive for the full 10 minutes. When a player gets killed they respawn as a zombie.

Once a zombie they are unkillable, but can still kill any other surviving players. Gramps By Peopleperson49 Created custom Gramps script following the set conditions of the official iRO version based on the wiki. Some modifications have been made based on player suggestions such as allowing the player to collect a partial reward after killing at least of the monster to minimize players getting bored.

Players can perform one mission every 23 hours timer starts when the player accepts a quest. Players can reset the 23 hour cooldown with a Super Blue Gemstone or other Reset Stone item of choice once every 3 hours. Kills from party members count toward your mission total if you see the kill on your screen and they are less than 30 levels higher than the quest player.

If they level up to the next mission range before they complete the current mission they can still collect their reward. Also have a low chance of earning the associated monsters card. This is actually slightly higher for players assisting others. Setup guide is provided within files.

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Como Funciona? OnClock One of the boss is a hidden extra to the instance with a small quest including a multi stage battle that will take a few days to fully complete. Although the instance is Pre-renewal, it can be used for renewal but you will need to revamp the monsters else they will be extremly weak. If your server is a highly modified pre-re server you might wanna tweak the monster since they are geared toward original RO servers. More detailed info in readme.

The event will launch a predefined number of Poring in the map you want with the drops you want. The poring will have their drop only for the duration of the event. The skills are turned off on the map for the duration of the event. Default monster is a faster poring with no loot. What is easily at the start of the file configurable in the file: - Text of the announce when the event starts - Text of the announce when the event ends - Text of the announce every 5 minutes when the event stills in progress as a reminder for those who were not connected!

Each log got time, who did it, action, old and new value - LogRight Look at the clean logs. Who cleaned the logs and when - LogRight Clean the logs I suggest you to create a copy of the existing poring and replace all ID inside the file by your custom poring with no loot or other monster.

Quest Link - as good as a Rift?

My custom monster is like this: ,PORING,Poring,Poring,1,2,0,2,1,1,7,10,0,5,1,1,1,0,6,30,10,12,1,3,21,0x,,,,,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 This Poring has 2 HP, got no loot and get 1 damage per attack. I can provide support and fix if needed. Feel free to ask for more features for the NPC but I might not fulfill them all. By buying this script, you agree to these terms: - You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form.

Same old glitches, same old quest!

Lucky Spin V. You'll still need up to date client I personnaly use Download the App for Android. Iva e reg.

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Fun, right?

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What are you waiting for? Play with Bergamo and its beauty now! Bergamo Quest is an innovative app that combines geolocation with fun riddles to take you on a treasure hunt.